The Australian National University

An Ongoing Confluence of Interests

Many of the best judicial programs throughout the world have an affiliation with a university. The basic principle of judicial independence and control is accepted; however, ensuring ultimate judicial (rather than academic) control of programs has been seen as simply a matter of management. The National Judicial College in the USA is based on the campus of the University of Nevada-Reno, and is established as a private, not for profit, corporation with its own board of trustees. The Canadian National Judicial Institute was originally headquartered at the University of Ottawa; it has since moved off campus, but maintains an association with that University. The Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute, is located
at the Law School at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Indeed, early planning for the NJCA stated that “the College should consider co-location of the College with a university.” To that end, the NJCA has been graciously housed within the Australian National University Law School (the ANU) since it first became operational.

The NJCA acknowledges the ongoing confluence of interests with the ANU. We celebrate our similarities; a strong, national leadership remit, a focus on thought-leadership and imparting deep knowledge, a close relationship with government and strategic plans that contain an enduring commitment to the administration of justice and the rights of vulnerable people across the Australian landscape.

ANU/NJCA Joint Annual Conference

Each year, the NJCA co-convenes a conference with the ANU College of Law. The overall subject of the conference alternates between a subject of general interest and a subject related to criminal sentencing. For instance, this year, the theme of the conference was Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

The committee varies but tends to include three ANU academics and three judicial officers. The NJCA designs and develops the program each year with the committee, markets the event in coordination with the ANU Law School marketing team. A link to the video recording of the conference for 2023 can be found on the NJCA website under the “Resources” tab.

Joint Conference