International Relations

Judgment Writing in Dubai

In 2023, the Courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre invited the NJCA to run a bespoke judgement writing program. Justice Glenn Martin (Supreme Court, Queensland), The Hon Ann Ainslie Wallace (formerly FCFCoA), President Fleur Kingham (formerly Land Court of Queensland) and the College CEO, Kate Latimer, travelled to the United Arab Emirates to deliver an intensive judgement writing course to thirteen judges from the DIFC Small Claims Tribunal and the Courts of First Instance. While the Dubai judges work exclusively with claims and disputes arising from the DIFC, their responses revealed concerns shared by Australian judges, and a similar desire to produce judgments that are clear, convincing and concise, and delivered in a timely manner.

The sessions were well received, the presenters were very positive about the experience, and the DIFC and the NJCA are having ongoing discussions on potential joint projects in the future.

President Fleur Kingham, The Hon Ann Ainslie-Wallace in Dubai

AlAnood Al Riyami, Maitha Al Shehhi, Mariam Al Mashedadani, Amna Al Owais, Kate Latimer, President Fleur Kingham, H.E Judge Ali Al Shamsi, The Hon Ann Ainslie-Wallace, Justice Glenn Martin, Delvin Sumo, Hayley Norton, Ayman Saey, Hamad Sulaiman

NJCA Presents on How Judges Learning at the International Organisation for Judicial Training

The International Organisation for Judicial Training (the IOJT) was created in March 2002 at an international conference to establish a global organisation dedicated to providing training and continuing education for judges, and to foster interaction and cooperation among the institutions responsible for such activities in member states.  The mission of the IOJT is realised through international and regional conferences and other exchanges that provide opportunities for judges and judicial educators to discuss strategies for establishing and developing training centres, designing effective curricula, developing faculty capacity, and improving teaching methodology.

As a member state, representatives of the National Judicial College of Australia were asked to present at the IOJT Ottawa Conference (the Conference) in October 2022. Canada and Australia have, historically, a close relationship based on shared values and the application of the rule of law.  In particular, we share a similar approach to the protection and enforcement of human rights.  For this reason, the theme of the Conference for 2022 – Effective Judicial Education: Understanding Vulnerable Populations – provided an opportunity for the NJCA to add its voice to this important global judicial education discourse.

The NJCA Chair, Chief Justice Chris Kourakis, from the Supreme Court of South Australia, Justice Glenn Martin, Supreme Court Queensland, and NJCA CEO Kate Latimer represented the College in person.  The NJCA gave an evidenced based presentation on our recent research about best practice procedures for Australian judicial officers as adult learners.

Chief Justice Chris Kourakis, from the Supreme Court of South Australia, Justice Glenn Martin, Supreme Court Queensland, and NJCA CEO Kate Latimer

Ms Kate Latimer, Chief Justice Christopher Kourakis, Her Excellency Ms Linda Hurley, His Excellency, the Governor General, The Honourable David John Hurley, Justice Stephen Gageler and Justice Glenn Martin

Judicial Education in the Asia Pacific

Singapore Roundtable 2023

Representatives of the NJCA, as the national educator, attend a two-day Roundtable with judicial and non-judicial members of the Singapore Judicial College and the New Zealand Institute of Judicial Studies every few years. This was a richly rewarding experience for all attendees with candid discussions about the key challenges that lie ahead for judicial education and training. Much of the discourse also centred on the contemporary challenges facing judicial education in the Asia Pacific, such as the management of sexual assault trials and the advancement of artificial intelligence both in and out of the courtroom. This opportunity gives the NJCA the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and visions with our international judicial education counterparts.

Community of Practice

A couple of times a year, the Chief Executive Officers of the three Australian judicial training colleges, being the NJCA, the Judicial College of NSW and the Judicial College of Victoria, together with the Executive Director of the Australasian Institute for Judicial Administration and the Director of New Zealand’s Tek Kura Kaiwhakawa, meet to discuss trends and innovations in judicial training, as well as share insights and consider potential collaborations.

These are important conversations to ensure consistency and pool ideas on best practice judicial teaching.

Exchanging Ideas with the Taiwanese Academy for the Judiciary

The NJCA hosts overseas delegations from time to time.

We were delighted recently to host the Taiwanese President, Ker, Li-Ling, District Court Judge Joping Wu, Prosecutor Che-Chun Chu from the Academy for the Judiciary, along with Leslie Hsu from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office for an afternoon of shared experiences and insights in judicial education and training.

Chief Justice Menon, Singapore Supreme Court Justices along with Justice Palmer (NZ), NJCA Council Chair, Chief Justice Kourakis and NJCA Program Advisory Committee Chair, Justice Martin

Justice Glenn Martin, Justice Kwek and Chief Justice Kourakis