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The John Doyle Oration

6 April 2024, Canberra

To be said at the outset is that judicial education would not be what it is today had John not campaigned for the creation of the National Judicial College and had he not been the inaugural chair of the NCJA Council and had he not gone on to create what has become the “engine room” of the NJCA, the Program Advisory Committee. Without question, John made judicial education part of the institutional architecture of the Australian judiciary. And, without question, the Australian judiciary and the Australian public are better off for it.

The Honourable Stephen Gageler, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, April, 2024

The Chief Justice of the High Court, the Honourable Stephen Gageler delivered the inaugural John Doyle Oration at a dinner held in the stunning Gordon Darling Hall, at the National Portrait Gallery, in honour of the Honourable John Doyle AC QC, on the 6 April 2024.

We would like to thank the Doyle family, along with the judicial officers who joined us for the oration and for a spectacular evening to celebrate the lasting and profound commitment to the judicial education and training landscape in Australia by the first Chair of the NJCA Council.

Our sincere thanks to the Honourable Stephen Gageler, Chief Justice of the High Court, for his powerful oration to celebrate and honour the phenomenal efforts of the Honourable John Doyle QC.

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