Managing Sexual Assault Hearings, October 2024 – Perth

  • Days : 25 Oct 2024
  • Where : Perth
  • Participants : Judicial Officers

25 Oct 2024




Judicial Officers

National Judicial Orientation Program, Nov 2023

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  • Days : 25 October
  • Where : Perth
  • Cost : Free
  • Participants : Judicial Officers

Managing Sexual Assault Hearings, October 2024

Sexual assault trials present some of the most complex and controversial challenges for the criminal justice system.  Judicial officers are accountable for upholding the rule of law and maintaining public confidence in the courts in their management of these challenges.  It is important to support their capacity to do so by providing appropriate education in periods of legislative and social change.

The program ‘Managing Sexual Assault Hearings’, is informed by extensive research, international best practice and the participation and stewardship of experienced judicial officers.

The modular design of the program means it can be adapted and delivered to all Australian courts and jurisdictions and will address the challenges of both summary and indictable proceedings.

Why you should attend this program?

Social and personal psychological context in judicial education and training is an important part of the judicial officers remit. This program will enhance your capability to engage with perpetrators, complainants, victims and survivors of sexual assault, families and communities more effectively with a view to improving entrenched trial practices and out of step narratives.

What will you learn at this program?

Program modules will include addressing misconceptions concerning sexual offending, conducting pre-recorded hearings, dealing with expert evidence, framing directions, the delivery of evidence and trauma-informed court craft.

By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Demonstrate an increased awareness of misconceptions concerning sexual offending and current empirical evidence relating to those misconceptions
  • Have the knowledge to be able to frame a jurisdictionally appropriate direction to address such misconceptions, and knowing when a direction should be given
  • Understand that the pre-trial recording is part of the trial
  • Understand the role and functions of witness intermediaries – skills in getting the best evidence
  • Have the knowledge and skill to deal with common issues that arise in pretrial hearings
  • Identify when and how to intervene in irrelevant and inappropriate questioning of a witness
  • Understand the ways in which memory is affected by trauma
  • Have knowledge and skills to minimise trauma to all participants in the criminal justice system

How will these skills help your court?

The rationale for the program is to enhance the competence and capability of judicial officers to conduct fair hearings involving allegations of sexual offending and to improve trial practice in courts throughout Australia. 

Program inclusions

This is a free Program. Catering, resources and access to materials included.

Not included: cost of travel and accommodation.

Meet your Program Planning Committee

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum (Chair)

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

Sexual Assault Committee
Justice Belinda Baker

Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

Sexual Assault Committee
Judge Geraldine Davison

District Court of South Australia

Sexual Assault Committee
Deputy Chief Magistrate Anthony Gett

Magistrates Court of Queensland

Sexual Assault Committee
Judge Laurie Levy

District Court of Western Australia

Sexual Assault Committee
Deputy Chief Judge Meryl Sexton

County Court of Victoria

Sexual Assault Committee
Judge Kara Shead

District Court of New South Wales

Sexual Assault Committee